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You may share your views with the City Commission:


• During legally-required public hearings


• During the regular open public comment period at study sessions

  and commission meetings


• Other opportunities when the Mayor allows for public comment

Public Hearings at City Council Meetings

The City Commission conducts public hearings to consider various

matters and as required by law prior to voting on items that
come before the Council. These hearings are associated with a specific agenda item and comments for these hearings are limited to the subject of the item.

You do not need to provide advance notice if you would like to speak during a public hearing.


Open Public Comment Period at City Commission Meetings
After the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of every City Council meeting, the Governing Body will hear comments from members of the public for up to 30 minutes.


Register to Speak
You can sign up to speak for up to three minutes during this comment period by emailing City Council Meeting agendas are available online.


Registration to speak at an open public comment period begins following publication of the agenda prior to the meeting. The following are the deadlines for submission:


10:00 am City Commission Meetings – Comments due by 8:00 am


7:00 pm City Commission Regular Meetings – Comments due by 4:00 pm


4:00 pm Study Sessions – Comments due by 2:00 pm


If you are not registered to speak, the mayor may recognize you to speak during the open public comment period if there is time available after registered speakers have finished speaking.

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