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THE FACTS: Ottawa is located approximately 30 miles southwest of the greater Kansas City area on

Interstate 35. I-35 connects Laredo, Texas to Duluth, Minnesota making this superhighway a prime

mode of transportation for manufacturing and distribution companies located in Ottawa. Because

Ottawa is located next to a major Interstate, Ottawa is extremely attractive to manufacturing and

distribution companies. 

OPPORTUNITY: Encouraging economic development is a major focus for the City of Ottawa. As a

result of this focus and Ottawa’s strategic location, manufacturing and distribution are the leading

commerce. For example, major companies such as American Eagle Outfitters, Midwest Cabinets and

Wal-Mart Distribution have recently invested or expanded in the Ottawa area. Land is available along

this major traffic artery, making Ottawa prime for additional growth and development. 

· While I-35 is the major transportation outlet for the city, US 59 and Kansas 68 highways also serve the community. 
· The Ottawa Airport, owned by the city, is managed by a Fixed Base Operator and serves the community with air transportation. 
· The city also provides infrastructure in terms of water, wastewater and electric

· Kansas Gas Service provides natural gas to the community.


Total capacity of the Ottawa system including purchased power and self-generation

is 42.9 MW.


Source of water is Marais des Cygnes River
Production Design of Water Treatment Plant: 5.58 Million gallons per day
Average Production: 1,700,000GL/day
Peak year: 669,839,000GL
Peak Day: 3,804,000GL


Water Reclamation Facility:
System Design Flow: 2.68 MGD
Gallons per year: 350 million of wastewater per year

Ottawa is taking and will continue to take steps to improve the infrastructure of the City to handle future development

Ground Breaking
Proximity Park
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