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Ottawa maintains a modern, highly trained, technically skilled, energetic, and well-equipped police department with a current authorized strength of 29 sworn and 5 civilian employees. Our staff strives to provide efficient and timely service to residents, visitors, and businesses in our City.


The Department is committed to community policing; a partnership of police officers and citizens working together to address crime and neighborhood quality-of-life issues. In fulfilling their roles, the men and women of the Police Department are guided by the following values: "Service, Integrity, Tolerance/Dignity, Stewardship; and Flexibility." We are also committed to employing a diverse workforce to better serve our community. 


















The Police Department is located at 715 W. 2nd Street. Dial 911 for emergencies, 785-242-1700 for non-emergencies and 785-242-2561 to contact the Police Department Administrative offices for general information.



An Ottawa where all can live safely and without fear, protected by a police department with the highest ethical and professional standards.


The Ottawa Police Department is a law enforcement agency committed to serving its community through the delivery of professional services.  We will do this by capitalizing on innovative strategies, partnering with members of our community, other law enforcement agencies, embracing continual learning, and remaining accountable to all we serve.  We will foster a caring and supportive culture for our employees based upon the respect of individual rights, and human dignity, so they may be better serve everyone.

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