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City Clerk: Melissa Reed

101 S. Hickory 
Ottawa, KS 66067

As one of the oldest offices of municipal government, the City Clerk's Office, is the
central contact between the citizens and the government and is often referred to

as the "hub" of local government. The City Clerk is appointed and serves under the

direction of the Finance Director. The City Clerk is the City's Official Records

Manager who is the keeper of the City Seal and Custodian of all official City


The City Clerk serves to enhance public participation in municipal government and safeguard the democratic government process through transparent open government and open records.


Additional responsibilities of the City Clerk include:


• Administer the Oaths of Office, certification and attestation

  of all public records


• Records official transactions and proceeds for all meetings

  of the governing body


• Maintains custody of minutes, resolutions, ordinances                                                                                                  
  and other official records


• Publishes all required legal notices


• Provides administrative support to carry out priorities as

  established by the Governing Body


• Coordinates economic development tax exemption applications


• Provides leadership and expertise in the development of legislation and policy initiatives to the City                      Manager's Office


• Registration and licensing for the retail sale of alcohol, cereal malt beverages and tobacco, animals, mobile        food vendors, taxi services and itinerant vendors.

City Hall
Melissa Reed City Clerk
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