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Protecting Our Community: Addressing Nuisances

Maintaining a safe and attractive environment is essential for the well-being of our community and property values. This guide outlines the regulations regarding common nuisances and the process for filing complaints.

Key Concerns:

  • Overgrown Weeds and Grass (over 12 inches): Tall vegetation can harbor insects, rodents, and even snakes, posing a potential health and safety risk.

  • Trash: Unsightly and unsanitary, trash attracts animals and can contribute to unpleasant odors, potentially impacting residents' health.

  • Abandoned Appliances: Inoperable appliances detract from the neighborhood's appearance and can become breeding grounds for pests.

  • Inoperable Vehicles: Unsightly and potentially hazardous, inoperable vehicles can become eyesores and safety concerns.

How to File a Complaint:

  • Complete a Complaint Form:  You can find the complaint form on below.

What Happens Next?

  • Once you submit a complaint, our team will review it and may conduct a field inspection of the property.

  • The property owner will be notified of the violation and typically receive a courtesy notice with a seven-day window to address the issue.

  • If the violation persists after the initial notice, a certified letter will be sent, requiring compliance within ten days.

  • If the violation remains unresolved, a citation may be issued, or the nuisance may be contracted for removal at the owner's expense.

Working Together:

By addressing these issues promptly, we can maintain a healthy, attractive, and safe environment for everyone in our community.



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