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The Parks Division is responsible for maintenance of highly visible, well-used grounds and facilities that are major contributors to the quality of life in Ottawa.


Forest Park is located on the northwest corner of town. It is notable for its mature oak and walnut trees and its array of recreational facilities. Included are a 475,000-gallon full size municipal swimming pool, 5 lit tennis courts, 18 individual horseshoe courts, 1 basketball court, a lit baseball diamond and a lit softball diamond, a disc golf course throughout the park and five playgrounds including a “tots’ lot”. In addition, there are three restroom facilities in the park. Forest Park hosts several community events each year, including the Ole Marais River Run (a custom car show), the Power of the Past Antique Tractor and Engine Show, and Chautauqua Days (a July 4th celebration). There are eight shelter houses throughout the park and are provided with electricity and a small grill. Two of these shelters may be reserved through the On-line Parks Reservation Form.


Kanza Park serves as a stormwater detention pond on the upper end of the Skunk Run drainage basin. It also has a hard-surfaced walking track almost a mile long and lit with salvaged Victorian fixtures from early 20thCentury Main Street (downtown). The trail around the park has been incorporated into community events and celebrations, including running/walking events, 5k’s etc. It is home to the communities first of three Disc Golf Courses where tournaments are held annually. The park is adjacent to the Prairie Spirit Rail Trail and directly North across 15th Street from Goppert Teen Park.


City Park located at 5th and Main Street, is home to the Carnegie Cultural Center, and boasts a gazebo/bandstand used for summer evening concerts, weddings, and other similar events, and can be reserved through the On-line Parks Reservation Form. This park also includes playground equipment, a pre-World War II naval artillery, and an old historical cabin.


Haley Park at the intersection of 2nd and Main Streets, is home to a gazebo-like shelter that can be reserved through the On-line Parks Reservation Form. It serves as a focal point for downtown events and is home to the Mayor’s Christmas Tree.


Heritage Park is located on the northeast side of town on Powhattan Street near Birch Street. This land was acquired by the city during the 1990s and developed as a neighborhood park. This park includes a walking track approximately 1/4 mile in length, a playground structure suitable for toddler to twelve-year-old children, and a 6-hole disc golf course.


Freedom Park is a small neighborhood park on East 3rd Street between South Mulberry and South Sycamore

Streets. Directly adjacent to the Pickleball Courts, this playground is composed of a composite structure designed

for children 5-12 years old. It has a bay of swings, climbing structures and slides and Poured in Place surfacing.

Orlis Cox Field is a recreational complex which is home to the baseball programs sponsored by the Ottawa

Recreation Commission. There is a total of 9 fields: 3 full size fields, 2 softball fields, 2 coach pitch fields, and

2 tee ball fields. The park includes two restroom facilities.


Walton Park is a small neighborhood park located on Walton Street between Cherry and Burroughs Streets.

It offers a composite play structure for children ages 5-12 years, and shaded picnic table area.


Goppert Teen Park was a vision of the Play Task Force. The park has skate ramps, a pump track, and half pipe.

There are also 3 full size basketball courts, an agility course, ping pong and foosball tables and a graffiti wall. This park is situated between 15th Street and 17th Street just west of Main Street.


Goppert Kids Park is located at the corner of 1st and Walnut Street where the Prairie Spirit Trail

and the Flint Hills Trail intersect. This neighborhood park has a composite structure designed

for children 5-12 years old and small equipment designed for children 2-5 years old.

This park was the first in our community to offer Poured in Place surfacing.


Prairie Spirit Rail Trail is a rail-banked right-of-way that has been improved by the Kansas

Department of Wildlife and Parks between Ottawa and Garnett. Trail enhancements in

Ottawa include a paved walking/riding surface ten feet wide from the Old Depot Museum,

across a bridge over the Marais des Cygnes River to 1st street. It continues down Walnut Street

where two lanes have been implemented into the roadway to allow for pedestrians and

bicyclist. At 5th Street it continues through town to 17th Street where there is a Trailhead

facility, then south to 23rd Street and out of the city limits.

Park Reservations Procedures 

Applicant Processing: 

1. Applications must be completed and returned to the Public Works Department at City Hall

    before a reservation will be finalized. 
2. Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis. City residents will have preference for park

3. There will be no fees charged for reserving Park Shelters. However, if admission will be

    charged or concessions sold, you will need to check with the City Clerk. 
4. There will be NO phone reservations. 
5. There is a minimum of 30 minutes between reservation times to allow for earlier users to

    clean area and to depart. 
6. The completed request will be forwarded to the Public Works Department for further

7. Following the resolution of any scheduling conflicts, an email confirming the reservation

    will be sent to the applicant.

8. Kanza Park reservations are available for Disc Golf events and Walk/Run Trail events
9. If your party is MORE than 200 people please CLICK HERE



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