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As spring approaches, the City of Ottawa Water Department would like to remind residents that all irrigation systems, existing or new, must be equipped with an approved backflow prevention assembly. All installed assemblies must be inspected and tested annually by a licensed backflow assembly tester. Thank you for keeping our City’s public water supply safe by annually testing your backflow prevention device(s). For any inquiries or clarifications regarding backflow prevention assemblies, residents are encouraged to reach out to the Water Plant at 785-229-3690.

What is Backflow?

Water Systems depend on water pressure to keep water flowing in the proper direction through the pipes. However, a sudden or unexpected change in water pressure can cause an undesirable reversal in normal flow of water. This is called backflow. During a backflow event, potentially non-potable water flows backwards from the consumer’s water system and returns to public water supply, creating a possible health risk.

What is a Backflow Prevention Device?

A backflow prevention device is a mechanical assembly installed in the water line to ensure that a one-way system of flow is maintained, thus preventing backflow, and protecting the public water supply. Backflow prevention devices are installed between the consumer's water meter and the first branch line in their private plumbing.

Annual Backflow Testing Flyer


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