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Don't let your lawn care create hazards! Blowing grass into the street can clog storm drains, posing flooding risks. Keep your neighborhood safe and clean – maintain your yard responsibly!


keep your streets clean please mow responsibly

Maintaining a clean and safe environment is important for everyone. Here are some tips to prevent grass from blowing into the street while mowing:


·      Mow during calm weather: Wait for a calm day to mow, as windy conditions can blow grass into the street.


·      Use a bagger: Attach a grass catcher bag to your mower to collect clippings and prevent them from being scattered around.


·      Adjust mower height: Set your mower to a higher cutting height, as longer grass blades are less likely to be blown away.


·      Create a barrier: Place obstacles like landscaping rocks, bricks, or a temporary fence along the street side of your lawn to act as a barrier.


·      Blow the excess grass back into your yard after mowing to help prevent localized flooding and road hazards for bicyclists and motorcyclists.


·      Regular maintenance: Clean your mower regularly, especially after use, to avoid accumulation of grass or debris in the mower deck.


Thank you.


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