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Hydraulic emergency intervention: prices, breakdowns and rules of conduct

The types of breakdowns for which prompt service plumbing is necessary are therefore many and depend on the malfunction or breakage of one or more elements that make up the domestic or condominium system. The most common are:

  • Rupture of a pipe in the bathroom or kitchen, resulting in water loss and flooding of the room.

  • Clogged toilet, sink or shower drain, resulting in non-functioning of the connected element.

What are the rules of conduct to adopt while waiting for the intervention of the professional? Here are some that will be useful to avoid excessive water loss and collateral damage to the surrounding environment:

  • Turn off the water immediately, from the general meter and, if not enough, from the condominium one. Stopping the water leak as quickly as possible is essential to stop the emergency.

  • Dry the water with cloths and towels and drain the surface with buckets and brushes to try to keep the floors dry which - especially in the case of parquet - could suffer considerable damage.

  • Lift off the ground and secure objects made of wood or with electrical components, for example stereos, cleaning robots etc.



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