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The Ottawa Fire Department has partnered with the Kansas Fire Marshall's Office and the

 "Get Alarmed KS" program.

Working smoke alarms should be mounted in the following areas of the home:

  • Each sleeping area

  • Each level of the home

  • In hallways and/or just outside of bedrooms

Maintain your smoke alarms, ensure they are working.

  • Smoke alarms should be tested monthly

  • Replace batteries at least once a year

  • Replace alarms older then 10 years

Arrangements must be made to INSTALL the smoke alarm (s) in homes. OFD cannot give away smoke alarms or hand them out.​

  • Ottawa residents are eligible to receive a smoke alarm at no cost; however, they must have NO alarm(s) present, NO working alarm(s) or have a manufacturer date on the smoke alarm(s) that is 10 years old or more.


  • OFD will NOT supply the owners of rental properties or renters with our smoke alarms.


Kansas Statute 31-162, The Smoke Detector Act, states, "The owner of a structure shall supply and install all required smoke detectors." If you are a renter in Kansas and need smoke alarms, contact your landlord, who is required by Kansas statute to provide "at least one smoke detector on every story of the dwelling unit."

The renter is responsible for "testing and maintaining the smoke detectors after taking possession of the dwelling unit." The Get Alarmed Kansas program will not supply the owners of rentals with our alarms, They will need to get them from another source. We will, however, supply strobe alarms and/or bedside shakers to renters who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

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Smoke Alarms Save Lives
Firefighter Smoke Alarm Program
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