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2178 Montana Road
Ottawa, KS  66067



Ottawa Municipal Airport has land available for private development. The parcels available have access to the airport taxiways and runway. They are suitable for the construction of facilities for aviation related activities such as aircraft storage, maintenance, flight operations, or flight training. Ottawa Municipal Airport is a modern well-equipped airport with a 4500 ft. runway, instrument approaches, on-field weather (AWOS-3) and a full-time on-site airport manager. Competitively priced aviation fuel is available on the airport for turbine-powered and piston-powered aircraft. Ottawa Municipal Airport is located four minutes south from I-35, Ottawa exit 183. The airport is located just one mile south of Ottawa's new Proximity Park industrial development. The airport's location provides quick access to strategic points in eastern Kansas, such as Lawrence and the southwest Kansas City metro, each being just 30 minutes from Ottawa. 


Contact the Franklin County Development Council for your development opportunity options. 


Ottawa Municipal Airport
Airport Master Plan
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