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2022 Electric Surcharge Information

Electric Utility Rate Resolution

Ottawa IRP 5 year - 2020 Report



The Production Division operates and maintains the Municipal Power Plant and 3 electric substations with 13 personnel. The personnel are divided between management, maintenance, and operation responsibilities. The availability and control of electricity is maintained 24 hours a day by personnel using remote and local controls at the Power Plant. Under normal conditions the city purchases electricity using long-term contracts and augments city needs by wholesale market purchases or running installed generation units during peak load periods.

The highest hourly peak load was August 14, 2011 of 41,200 kW’s. For the year of 2015, the city had electric sales of 137,946,400 kilowatt hours.





The city is a member of the Southwest Power Pool Regional Transmission Organization.


The city has contracts with the following utilities through reciprocating contracts with the Kansas Municipal Energy Agency (KMEA):

  • Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA): Up to 12 megawatts of base load supply

  • Dogwood Power Plant: Up to 5 megawatts of base load or intermediate

  • Marshall County wind farm: Up to 2.5 megawatts of renewable energy

  • Buckeye Wind farm: Up to 8 megawatts of renewable energy

  • Southwest Power Authority (SWPA): 1 megawatt of hydro peaking supply

  • Western Area Power Authority (WAPA): Up to 3 megawatts of continuous hydro supply

  • Kansas City Power and Light (KCP&L): Load Following purchasing agreement


Along with the long term contracts the city maintains 30.75 mw’s of installed peaking generation:

Unit                                                                             Capacity          Installed


#3 Enterprise Dual Fuel Diesel:                                  3.75 mw          1964

#4 Enterprise Dual Fuel Diesel:                                  3.50 mw          1959

#5 GE Frame 3 Combined Cycle Gas Turbine:          11.5 mw          1967

#6 Cooper Bessemer Dual Fuel Diesel:                      6.0 mw            1980

#7 Cooper Bessemer Dual Fuel Diesel:                      6.0 mw            1980




Solar Photovoltaic array: Up to 15.6 kilowatts of renewable energy


Energy Management Project #1

The city is a member of the KMEA Energy Management Project #1 (EMP1) with several municipal cities to pool contract and generation resources to control group electric costs. EMP1 has the ability to purchase electric energy from the SPP Integrated Market if energy costs are lower and electric transmission is available.



The Electric Distribution Division is a maintenance group and construction crew. This division has one crew dedicated to line clearance with the remainder of personnel completing required maintenance of the approximate 60 miles of 12.4 and 4.6 kV lines. The division has a fleet of three bucket trucks, one digger derrick truck, one flatbed, one chipper, and 2 supervisor trucks.



The combined electricity supply is sent to the distribution system via 3 electric substations and 12 feeder circuits located within the city. Each substation has feeder circuits which supply specific sections of the city. Feeder circuits can be supplied from more than 1 substation. This substation arrangement provides increased reliability to meet customer and system requirements. Each substation has been designed to be expandable for future city electric load growth. An area has been set aside for future generation installation within the Ottawa Industrial Park.

Power Plant
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