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The Warehouse facility is home to the Electric Distribution Division and the Water Distribution/Wastewater Collection division. The Warehouse facility also houses three administrative employees responsible for all inventory and associated records.

The Warehouse was built in 1983, and contains 2,660 square feet of office space, 3,760 square feet of indoor inventory space and 8,195 square feet of equipment space. The indoor parking space has provided quicker more reliable response in inclement weather. The property also includes a storage yard of approximately 14,000 square feet.

The Water Distribution/Sewer Collection crew maintains a fleet of seven vehicles, a jet-vac, two back hoes, a trencher and two sewer rodders.

The Utility Department has also instituted a replacement fund for all utility vehicles. Each vehicle has been assigned a life and the finance department places funds into the account each year for replacement. This allows a more level budget figure to be used each year.

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