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On January 24, 1867, a city ordinance was published in the

Western Home Journal on page 3, “… establishing a fire

department for the town of Ottawa consisting of a hook,

ladder and bucket company.” This first department was

made up of all volunteers.

On April 24, 1867, the strongest recorded earthquake in

Kansas damaged the new schoolhouse in Ottawa. It was

declared unsafe. The schoolhouse was converted into the

fire station and used in that capacity for over 30 years.

W.H. Hartshorn became the first driver for the Ottawa Fire

Department on March 19, 1872. Hartshorn also became

the first paid firefighter for the OFD.

On December 17, 1930, the first OFD gasoline powered

pumper arrived. The fire engine was an American LaFrance

that could pump 750 gallons of water per minute at 125

pounds of pressure. It cost $12,500.  Engine 8 is still owned

by OFD and housed at Fire Station 1.

On March 21, 1973, the City Commission awarded a bid for

$282,220 to Sell Constructors, Inc., to build a new fire

station at 720 West 2nd Street. The total bill was

approximately $350,000. On January 3, 1974, the 14 men

of the Ottawa Fire Department moved into the new station.

Fire Station 1
720 West Second St.
Ottawa, KS 66067
Phone: (785)229-3700
Fax: (785) 229-3705

Ottawa Fire Department Station 1

Fire Station 2

219 East 14th St.
Ottawa, KS 66067
Phone: (785) 229-7300

Ottawa Fire Department Station 2
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