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                   FIRE SAFETY


                            In 2013, the Ottawa Fire Department (OFD) was very active in Public Fire Safety Education. Our firefighters made 136                                                  presentations, from employee in-service trainings and elementary classroom visits to apparatus displays and booths at fairs.                                    There were approximately 4848 contacts made by Ottawa firefighters during 2013.

Our busiest time of year is in October. Fire Prevention Week takes place every year in October during the week of the 9th. October 9th is the anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire, which indicates the start of the OFD's visit to K-5 classrooms. The topics covered included: Firefighters are your friends; Stop, Drop, and Roll; Crawl low under smoke; Matches and lighters are tools for grown-ups; Exit drills in the home; Call 911; and Identifying and correcting fire hazards at home.

Throughout the year we do many in-service trainings for businesses in our community. The topics usually requested are: fire extinguisher training, fire safety in the workplace, and fire safety at home.

We also make our firefighters available to speak at civic and youth group meetings. You can always see us at McGruff Club, Health Fairs at Ransom Memorial Hospital, and Ottawa High School Career Fair.

The OFD has two stations, 720 West 2nd and 219 East 14th. Station tours are available at both. We like our jobs and enjoy sharing our knowledge and experiences.

We can provide certification training to the public in CPR and First Aid.

The OFD also provides Juvenile Firesetter Intervention. This is a program that screens and educates children that have set fires. 


If you would like a presentation, tour, or equipment demonstration, call the OFD at 229-3700. One of our firefighters will take down information about what, when, where and to who. Please make your request as far in advance as possible.

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Smoke Detector Information
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