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With the advent of new technology we have more resources available for use in our court

proceedings.  With those changes come new challenges.  One has been the proliferation of DVD



Presently, the City of Ottawa Police Department makes copies of all matters for distribution to

counsel.  Many of the cases resolve prior to, or contemporaneously with, the distribution of the

digital materials.  This has led to considerable time and expense in making the copies for no purpose.

As a result, it has been necessary to modify our policy to better use our limited resources.  The court

staff, as well as the administrative members of the Ottawa Police Department have spent

considerable time and effort to devise a better system for the distribution of necessary materials

without undue waste or inefficiency.

After careful deliberation and consultation, I have determined to adopt a new Discovery Policy. 

It will continue to be our policy to provide discovery materials in a manner that facilitates the ends

of justice, but reduces unnecessary time and effort being expended.

As of July 1, 2015, a Discovery Request Form will be required to be completed in each case prior to

the distribution of discovery materials.  This provides a record of the request for both the defense

and the prosecution. 

If there are DVDs available, counsel for the defense may request the same at the rate indicated in the Discovery Request form.  Also, for court appointed counsel, or those who do not wish to purchase discovery materials, you may call the Municipal Clerk’s Office and schedule a time to review the materials.  We will insure that you are provided a secure location for viewing the materials.  Further, if you would like to bring your client to review the materials, we will accommodate that request as well.

Should you desire to view the materials at your leisure, you may purchase the same.  Once payment for materials is received, we will make copies and see that the copies are distributed to your office.

If there are questions about the new policy, or if you need more information, please let us know directly.

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