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In recognition of the respect that is due the court system when in session and the duty of the judge to require such respect, it is now, by virtue of my authority,

Ordered and Directed:

That the following dress code shall be adhered to by all litigants and participants appearing or being in court.

Dress Code For Courtroom:

1. No tank tops

2. No halter tops

3. No muscle shirts

4. No bare midriffs

5. No shorts 

6. No hats or caps

7. No sweat pants or sweat suits

8. No pajamas or pajama pants

9. No clothing with foul language or obscene images

10. No slippers, thongs, or flip flops

11. Boots or shoes must be worn at all times

12. Pants must fit at the waist and not be more than one size too large or too small

13. Pants must be worn at the belt line

14. No undergarments should be showing 

15. No weapons, knives, mace, or pointed objects will be permitted in the courtroom. If you have any of these items they will need to be left in            your car or at home.

16. All purses, bags, briefcases, etc. will be searched

General Conduct:

Court is an inappropriate place for children. Please make arrangements prior to your court date as no one under twelve years old is allowed in the courtroom or courtroom lobby.


All attorneys as officers of the court are requested to inform their clients and witnesses to comply with the spirit and intent of this order. Attorneys may bring into the court room cell phones and may hold client cell phones

Cell phone/Recording Devices

Other than Attorneys and Court Staff no cell phones/recording devices are allowed in the Court Room

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