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Ottawa, Kansas – The City of Ottawa is undertaking a significant improvement project at Highland Cemetery to address longstanding drainage issues in Block 5. This initiative is part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining and enhancing the dignity and appearance of our community's final resting place.  Working with our City Engineer, several locations have been identified as needing similar work and this will be an ongoing process moving forward with other affected areas.

Project Overview:

  • Scope: The project involves leveling and filling certain areas of Block 5 to improve drainage.

  • Impact: Approximately 50 headstones will be temporarily removed to facilitate the work.

  • Professional Handling: Reeble Monuments, a skilled monument company, will oversee the delicate process of headstone removal and reinstallation.

  • Documentation: Each headstone will be meticulously cataloged and photographed to ensure accurate replacement and to document condition pre-and-post project.

Family Communication:

  • No Direct Cost: Families of the impacted monuments will incur no direct costs for this project.

  • Transparency: Continuous updates will be provided to the families and community throughout the project duration thru social media and the City of Ottawa website (  The blue area in the photo below depicts the area where work is to be completed.

Timeline and Completion:

  • The project aims to be completed before Memorial Day, ensuring minimal disruption to families visiting during this important time.

Commitment to Excellence: 

·         The City of Ottawa is dedicated to improving the Highland Cemetery while respecting the memory of those interred. We appreciate the community's understanding and support as we work to enhance the cemetery for current and future generations.

For more information, please visit City of Ottawa's Cemeteries Website or contact the Office of Public Works 785-229-3631.

highland cemetery map
Highland Cemetery map


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