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Daupler Partners with Ottawa, Kansas to Improve Emergency Response to Utility Needs

Ottawa, KS – The city of Ottawa, Kansas has announced a new partnership with Daupler, an Incident Response Management System, to streamline communications and response within Ottawa Public Utilities.

Ottawa’s partnership with Daupler will allow them to centralize their data and connect siloed systems. These connections will enhance the city’s current processes by automatically collecting response data and digitizing records. This will allow the City of Ottawa Public Utilities to access information quickly and have an accurate and complete understanding of work performed in the field.

Citizens can expect their water main, sewer main or electric calls to be answered quickly and handled by professional, public works- trained call takers. Citizens can also opt to receive text message updates in the event of a large emergencies, such as a water main break or electrical outage. Citizens are encouraged to call (785) 229-3750 or (785) 229-3710 anytime to report water main issues, sewer main issues or electrical outages.

Ottawa, always looking for ways to better steward rate payer dollars, is confident this partnership will help achieve that goal.

Ottawa plans to launch the Daupler system on Monday February 15, 2021. For more information, visit the Daupler website, or call Dennis Tharp (785) 214-4260.

About Daupler

Daupler is a first response software for utilities and public works. They help cities coordinate and document response efforts while reducing workload and collecting accurate data and insight into response operations. They work with organizations of all sizes – from small water districts to large municipalities— to take the pain out of response processes, provide operational insight, and easily push data to existing customer service and work order management systems.

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