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Notice of Public Meetings for Public Water Supply System Lead and Copper Rule Implementation

TOPEKA – The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) is holding public meetings to help public water supply systems and their customers learn about the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new Lead and Cooper Rule Revisions (LCRR). Under the LCRR, public water supply systems are required to prepare and maintain an inventory of publicly and privately owned service line materials. This inventory is to be submitted to KDHE by October 16, 2024.

Public water supply system decision-makers, operators and the public are encouraged to attend to learn more about the inventory requirements and actions that can be taken to reduce lead exposure risks in drinking water. 

Piping and plumbing fixtures containing lead are a potential health risk in drinking water. Some homes (typically built before 1988) may have lead service lines that connect to the public water supply system. Young children, infants and fetuses are particularly vulnerable to lead in drinking water and water used for formula because lead's physical and behavioral health effects occur at lower exposure levels in children.

KDHE staff will review and answer questions on the following topics:

  1. Development of Lead Service Line Inventories

  • Public Water Supply System Responsibilities

  • Water System Customer Cooperation

  1. Lead Exposure Health Risks from Drinking Water

  2. Technical Assistance for Public Water Supply Systems

The meetings will be held:

December 5, 2023                                               

7-8 p.m.                                                               

Central Park Pavilion                                           

Auditorium  101 S. Forest                                                       

Chanute, Kansas 66720

December 6, 2023

6:30-7:30 p.m.

Lawrence Public Library

707 Vermont Street

Lawrence, Kansas 66044

Individuals needing accommodations should contact the Kansas Department of Health and Environment at least five business days before the meeting by phone at (785) 296-5514, fax (785) 559-4258 or TTY 711.

For more information about KDHE’s Lead Service Line Inventory requirements, please visit

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