The Ottawa Police Department does not tolerate unlawful discrimination. It shall be unlawful for any Ottawa law enforcement officer (member) or the Ottawa Police Department to engage in racial profiling or biased based policing. The Ottawa Police Department and its members will comply with K.S.A. 22-4610. The race, ethnicity, national origin, gender or religious dress of an individual or group shall not be the sole factor in determining the existence of probable cause to take into custody or to arrest an individual or in constituting a reasonable and articulate suspicion that an offense has been or is being committed so as to justify the detention of an individual or the investigatory stop of a vehicle. Any person who believes such person has been subjected to racial profiling/biased based policing by a law enforcement officer, department member or the Ottawa Police Department may file a complaint with the Ottawa Police Department. The complainant may also file a complaint with the Kansas Attorney General's Office. If the investigation of a complaint of racial profiling/biased based policing reveals the member was in direct violation of the Ottawa Police Department’s written directives regarding racial profiling/biased based policing, the Department shall take appropriate action consistent with applicable laws, written directives, resolutions, ordinances, and employment practices. If you feel you have been subjected to biased policing practices you have the right to make a complaint: 


• With the Ottawa Police Department:

  • By telephone at (785) 242-2561 x410 

  • In person at: 715 W. 2nd Street Ottawa, KS 66067 


• With the Kansas Attorney General’s Office

• With the Office for Civil Rights:


• With the Kansas Governor's Grants Program (contact: Erica Haas):

  • By email at erica.haas@ks.gov

  • By fax at (785) 291-3204

  • By telephone at (785)-291-3205

  • By mail or in person at: 900 SW Jackson street, Landon State Office Building, Room 304, North Topeka, KS 66612

In compliance with the Racial and Other Bias Based Policing Comprehensive Plan, the Ottawa Police Department prepares annually a report regarding the department’s Racial & Other Bias Based Policing practices.
Ottawa Police Department’s Complaint Process

Racial Profiling Annual Review Memorandum 2017
Racial Profiling Annual Review Memorandum 2016
Racial Profiling Annual Review Memorandum 2015