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Children problems with essay writing

I know that most parents will not have time for summer during the summer holidays because too often they do not know what to do with their children. I have the same problem with my two elementary school daughters, but I'm glad summer break is about to start.

The constant daily pressure on their shoulders—and mine—from writing essays is finally over. My kids are good learners, conscientious and I think they are too eager to live up to school expectations, I often think they could really relax on their own reins. They are both kids who don't have to sit next to them doing their homework because they sit by themselves and do everything to the last letter. So far, this may sound great to most parents, and perhaps some of them sigh that the mystery of homework will be just as easy for them, so says persuasive essay writer.But I am not thrilled with this, because this year it turned out that they are motivated not by the excitement of learning, gaining new knowledge, but by fear.

They are just so afraid of the consequences at school, that what will happen if you don’t write an essay, it won’t be good at home, that it’s better to sit down and do it at all costs. I am sure that they are not afraid of their parents (after all, they can help them with writing by contacting the author of essay, because they have not yet had any negative consequences at home if they brought a bad ticket, they have never been punished for not completing their homework, so all I can think of is the atmosphere in the school that makes them feel threatened.

One of these typical scenes from which I deduced this occurred several times during the year with my eldest daughter: at 10 pm her eyes popped out from under the bed, and she began to cry and even sob, which she forgot to do. an essay on history, and what will happen now. Fortunately, there is an essay author ( who made an essay for her in a short time. I tried to talk him out of getting up and painting the house, but he was adamant.

Because if he doesn't ask for help, if he has to leave without a lesson, the teacher will be very angry with her. Please, we are not in college, we are in the fifth grade of elementary school!

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