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Change the roof


Having a roof that protects the house from water is of great importance to ensure living comfort. When does it become necessary to change the roof? Who to contact? On this blog you will find more information on how to change the roof.

Various possibilities

How to change the roof varies depending on the model of the work surface, whether it is flat, pitched or arched. Flat roofs are often made of EPDM and bitumen and give a modern look to the building. Arched roofs often have a 15 degree angle and are clad in shingles, artificial roofing sheets or stone, thatch and zinc. This type of roof is very popular and has the advantage of adding additional space and height to the building. When choosing to build an arched roof on your own, ask for a building permit from the municipality of residence as the appearance of the building will change dramatically.

When it is necessary?

In case of damage to some of its parts, it will not necessarily be necessary to change the entire surface. Sometimes it will be possible to build a mezzanine or apply a support structure. If the roof construction is severely damaged by moisture, rotting wood, bulges or termites, then it will be necessary to completely change the roof. In case of leaks, it is necessary to check that the external surface does not present cracks or cracks in order to solve the problem quickly, changing only some parts of the house.

What are the necessary permissions?

A building permit will be required in the event of a change in the roof support elements, but also in the event of a direct modification of the surface (enlargement, lengthening, extension). Even by renewing the insulation of the house, the living comfort could be increased. For this type of work it is good to ask for advice from a professional!

A professional will be able to give you great advice when you need to change the roof, build a support structure or add a skylight. The great advantage of hiring a specialist is the safety of using excellent materials and the product guarantee, which is also offered in the case of larger jobs. In addition, he will also be able to advise on the different possibilities for renovating and changing the roof.


In some cases, it is possible to apply for a grant from the municipality to change the roof, as in the case of removing asbestos. It is therefore advisable to contact a specialist to find out what are the details relating to these tax deductions.


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