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Hydraulic emergency service: prices and general information

The plumber is a professional figure with whom we have all had to deal, for one reason or another. His field of intervention is that of thermo-hydraulics in which he realizes the systems, installs them, brings them up to standard and certifies them, both for private homes and for industrial or manufacturing complexes. A substantial part of the work, however, is that carried out in an emergency: diagnosis and repair of faults in the pipes, the water drainage system or sanitary elements. Moments feared by most of us, both for domestic discomfort and for the unexpected and usually 'salty' cost.

But how much does a hydraulic emergency cost? For plumbing emergency, prices vary mainly based on three factors:

  • Experience : an element that allows the professional to have a wide range of knowledge of the various failure cases for the diagnostic phase. Furthermore, a more experienced plumber will have worked on both old and new generation systems, knowing how to intervene on both and mastering the characteristics of the technical data sheets of products of different brands. The experience, however, has a cost, which is given by the amount of time necessary for the professional to acquire it and which affects the hourly rate. At the same time it must be said that a young or less experienced plumber can still offer a quality service. Just look for some references and read the reviews of other customers if possible.


  • Location : The cost of labor varies according to the region where the work is carried out, with a variation in the plumbing price list that can fluctuate up to 30%.

  • Type of service : depending on the type of intervention requested, the cost can be less than $100 or more than $ 1,000.

We summarize in a diagram some of the most common interventions, with the relative cost. Keeping in mind that labor has an hourly rate between $ 40 and $ 80 on average.


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