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I understand it was a ton doubtlessly. over the last year the gathering. I this unimaginable gathering that conveys this energy to this thing have recognized windows' it's some different option from a functioning system it's surface woven in our lives in our work it's the manner in which we partner with people it's how we gain capability with it's the manner in which we work it's the manner in which we play. through this time it has stayed regular. anyway it has continued to create with us it intently looks like home thanks again for obliging us today it is my unbelievable enjoyment to familiarize you with my friend satya much thanks panos. im really anxious to be here with every one of you today means a huge accomplishment all through the whole presence of windows it's the beginning of another age. im empowered by what we have shown you today. how we are reconsidering everything from the functioning structure itself to the program to the store. the feed. I want to consider quickly the way that we showed up throughout its time windows has been a democratizing force for the world windows has made totally new classes for the two buyers. associations it's coordinated to countless the world's best programming orders from correspondences. productivity to design. business applications all of which has made their own surroundings the genuine web was considered. experienced youth with windows it's driven silicon advancement. contraption progression it's engaged such incalculable people including experts students architects . business visionaries to all think past pragmatic limits change their considerations into this present reality. adjust their creation windows has reliably addressed influence for producers. office for clients with windows you can consume applications. collect applications you can play. design games you can buy a pc. develop a pc you can join your neighborhood. create your neighborhood can buy from a business. start a new business with windows 11 we have a re-energized sensation of windows work in the world as I look forward I see three clear entryways first windows sees that there is no individualized processing without individual association individualized figuring requires choice. we need to maintain. foster our own association over handling itself we really want to wipe out the hindrances that a large number of times exist today. give certifiable choice. affiliation we ought to be locked in to pick the applications we run the substance we consume people we communicate with. without a doubt, even the way that we distribute our own thought working structures. devices should shape to our prerequisites not a contrary strategy for getting around that is the explanation we're simplifying it for you to communicate with people you want the substance you want the applications you really want across all contraptions you want second windows is the stage for the world's creation as a fashioner each time you get a windows device it transforms into a stage for your inspiration so you can think past useful limits. make something huge. persevering through creation is going through a sea change as the congruity between usage. creation changes with this new period of windows we are delivering the advancement cleverness characteristic in all of us we want to develop these mild circles between fulfilled use. exchange driven by networks for everyone these cycles should stream transparently giving people frictionless permission to applications archives games films shows content. networks that have an effect on them we want to connect with you to convey. spur you to make it's the explanation we're introducing an all out new client experience in helping you with being more valuable. finally windows isn't just a functioning system it's a phase for stage creators it considers the broadest of design spaces engaging people to develop their own associations. networks today the world necessities a more open stage one that licenses applications to become stages through their own effort windows is a phase where things that are more prominent than windows can be imagined like the web that is our craving with windows 11 to be the stage for the accompanying web the accompanying momentous programming grouping the accompanying modified content business a phase can serve society if its standards consider this essential improvement in class creation it's the explanation we're introducing new store exchange models. plans. setting out new entryways for neighboring distributers. Mega app by beeda see here supporting considerably more applications with.roid applications on windows this is the vital version of one more time of windows we're working for the

  1. accompanying 10 years. past. exactly when I consider those parts to come. im assisted with recalling a relationship from a nineteenth century intellectual who stood out creators from objects in our planetary gathering he clarified meteors that flash.fade away planets that consume longer.whose energies limited to their own circle. stood out them from stars that are steady. light the method of their own that is our yearning with windows to help various stars. entire gatherings of stars to be considered. prosper. im remarkably satisfied with what windows has achieved. the state of affairs energized getting through an entryway for others. I expect to see what you achieve with windows 11. how it'll open continuing on through an entryway for people in the world of beeda mega app thank you all very much you


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