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Escort Service is Legal and Prostitution is not (In Many Places)

In most of the countries, you will find that escort services are legal. The reason for that is

you are not paying a girl for sex. But, you are paying for her companionship. Also, you have

to make an advance booking for an escort and pay her charges without bargaining.

However, in so many countries around the world, prostitution is illegal because you will be

paying for sex. That is why you will see prostitutes lurking in dark alleys to find customers.

Also, if the prostitute gets caught by the cops, she will have to pay a penalty and could be

locked in jail.

Escorts are More Groomed than Prostitutes

There is a basic difference between an escort and a prostitute that you can even find with

your eyes. Prostitutes like to show off their naked bodies to allure customers. Most of the

prostitutes wear revealing dresses which might seem attractive to their customers.

However, an escort is well-trained and groomed. She knows the norms and etiquette of the

high-class people because that is where she provides her service. She will be well aware of

the high-class lifestyle and will not have any problem with attending high-class social


High Class Escorts Provide Their Services Normally in Luxury Places

You will not find any high class escort providing her service in any brothel. You will see such

attractive and beautiful girls in luxury hotels and riding on the luxury cars of their clients.

These are the people who can easily afford their service.

But, you will find prostitutes standing on the road to find customers. They will provide their

services generally in brothels that also lack hygiene. That is why prostitutes and escorts are

not the same. Their service is different and you should keep that in mind.

Why You Should Be Hiring a High Class Escort?

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