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The Most Exciting Android Adventure Offline Game that You Must Have

Offline games are one of the most popular types of games nowadays. This type of game is suitable for those of you who like challenging games and in it there are many puzzles.

Not only that, adventurous games also have interesting gameplay and a complex storyline. Interestingly, playing this game offline makes it easier for you to play it. Because, you are free to play this game without having an internet connection available At Negeri Slot

This is a list of Android Offline Adventure Games

For gamers who like adventure games, then you must download the following adventure games for HP. You can also play this game to relieve stress and exhaustion from busy daily activities.

1. Assassin's Creed Pirates

Assassin's Creed Pirates is one of the Adventure games that you can easily play on Android and iOS OS. As a player, you will play the role of a pirate captain, his name is Alonzo Batilla. He is the most feared pirate.

This game also focuses on ship battles on the high seas. In the game, later you will attack and chase the enemy using a powerful cannon fire.

Therefore, as a player you must have a precise strategy in order to win the battles carried out on the high seas.

If you can win in battle, then you can attach a bonus in the form of treasure that can be used to upgrade the crew.

2. Machinearium

Machinarium also includes a type of adventure game created by Amanita Design. Although the appearance of the game is ordinary, this game presents a cool and exciting adventure story. This game can also be the right choice for those of you who want to play exciting and interesting games.

This adventure game depicts a planet in which there is a lot of garbage scattered about. Well, in the pile of garbage that has accumulated there are several parts of the main character's body. Here, the user will direct a small robot in an adventure scenario.

Not only that, the small robot is also used to solve puzzles so that they can continue the next story.

3. limbo

Limbo is an offline Adventure game that offers less epic graphics. Even the graphics offered are still very simple. The interesting thing here is not seen in terms of graphics, but how to play and the puzzles are very interesting. So, players will continue to think in order to complete each game.

This light weight android adventure game is made by Playdead. In the game, Limbo will present a place that is so quiet and dark. In that quiet and dark place there is a wild animal. There are also traps that make the main character in this game death and the game will end.

Therefore, you must be good at solving various kinds of puzzles in the game. So that every obstacle in this game can be conquered easily.

This offline adventure game presents a very exciting and interesting game to play. In fact, this game can also be our best entertainment when we are tired of routine. Even without an internet connection, this game can be played smoothly but if you like game sport you can visit here : Bursa Taruhan Piala Dunia

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