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Join date: Jun 16, 2023


World-renowned for her striking and deeply personal photography, Alessandra Sanguinetti has always found a unique way to capture the essence of humanity. With a desire to explore new narratives, she turned her artistic gaze towards the world of sports and betting, resulting in the compelling podcast, "Lens on the Game." Each episode, masterfully woven with her signature photography, delves into various sports realms, revealing unseen stories and emotions often overlooked in the excitement of the game or the suspense of a bet. Alessandra invites you to experience the artistry of sports and betting through her lens, offering a fresh perspective on these dynamic domains. Experience "Lens on the Game" today on and other podcast platforms. Join us in this immersive journey where sports, betting, and photography intersect. You'll see sports and betting in a light you've never imagined before. Don't just hear, but see the game unfold. Subscribe and witness the world of sports like never before.


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