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WaterThe water plant was designed by A.C. Kirkwood & Associates and began production in 1980. EPA and KDHE list the plant as a Class IV plant. 

Video: Water Treatment Plant Tour

The City provides water service to over 5,000 meters with average production of over 570 million gallon per year also supplying the City of Princeton and three Rural Water Districts. Source water is the Marais des Cygnes River. The City of Ottawa is a member of the   Marais des Cygnes River Water Assurance District, and has purchased storage in Pomona and Melvern Reservoirs for drought resiliency. 

Peak year: 1980 = 669,839,000Gl 
Peak day: July 24, 2001 = 3,804,000Gl 
Average daily production: 1,591,000Gl/day 

The plant was designed with two presedimentation ponds that have a total capacity of thirty five million gallons. These ponds allow initial settling of suspended materials but also allow the City to avoid pumping water from the river during high run off periods. The ponds also serve as a safety factor in case the river becomes temporarily contaminated.


The plant has a 1,200,000 gallon underground basin for storage of finished water. Water is stored here prior to being pumped to the distribution system. Ottawa has two 400,000 gallon elevated towers both built in 1954 and a 750,000 gallon tank added in 2010. 

Water Distribution

The Water Distribution has become more of a construction group during the last five to seven years. This group not only maintains approximately 82 miles of water line but replaces and adds new lines in many places where a contractor would have completed job in past years. The crews average over 25 new services, 10 new fire hydrants, 26 new water values and over 5,000 feet of new or replacement water lines per year in the past five years. 


Water Conservation Plan

Water Conservation Tips

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