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Ottawa Community And Renewable Energy Supplies (Ottawa CARES)
  The basis of Ottawa CARES is the evaluation and connection of renewable energy supplies to improve the environment where we as a Community live, work, and play. 

  The City of Ottawa Electric Utility Department is planning for future supplies of electricity that are renewable and economical. In an effort to continue to provide reliable affordable service of electricity, the City Electric Utility has evaluated and incorporated several sources of renewable energy into its portfolio of electricity supplies. The utility will continue to evaluate other sources in the future and provide useful information to the City Commission and public about the viability of these sources and the potential positive impact that they may have on the Community

City of Ottawa Net Metering Ordinance

Long-Term Contracts

hydro electric powerHydroelectric Sources
  The City has a long-term contract of hydroelectric -sourced electricity with the Southwestern Power Administration (SWPA), a federal agency that manages hydroelectric facilities in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri for 1mW of peaking energy. The energy started being supplied to the City in 1998.
  The City has a long-term contract of hydroelectric-sourced electricity with the Western Area Power Administration (WAPA), a federal agency that manages hydroelectric facilities in the Northern Rockies for up to 3mW of continuous energy supply. The energy started being supplied to the City of Ottawa in 2012.

wind farmWind Source
  The City has a long-term contract with the Marshall County Wind Farm in Marshall County, KS to supply up to 2.5mW of wind energy to the City of Ottawa. This 20 year contract was started in 2016.

Local Sources

ottawa solar panelsSolar Sources
  The City of Ottawa built a small 15.6kW commercial-sized solar photovoltaic (PV) system at the Power Plant. The system was built to evaluate the impact of solar on the distribution system and to further evaluate what the inclusion of 1mW or larger systems would have to the City’s system if built in the future. This system was constructed in 2016.



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