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Homeowners and Community Members
Contact Information:
Director of Community Development 
Address: 101 S Hickory-2nd Floor, PO Box 60
Ottawa, KS 66067
Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8-5
(Wednesday office closed from 8:30 to 10 for Staff Meeting)
Phone: (785) 229-3620
Department Email:
Director Email:

How Can We Help You?

The following content explains how the Department of Community Development works for our homeowners and community members to create an opportunity to more fully understand what we do and how we accomplish our goals. Specific information for homeowners is provided.

 Fair Hosing Information

I. Planning

It is a process for solving problems, protecting our important assets, and guiding the direction the community will grow in the future.

Primary Concerns

Some typical planning issues relating to land use:

  • Having enough housing of different choice and price.

  • Ensuring pedestrian and bicycle access for citizens.

  • Having enough parks.

  • Considering the traffic patterns and street needs.

  • Access to highways for commercial and industrial growth.

  • Guiding our growth by deciding what areas are best served for commercial or industrial growth.

II. Zoning Ordinance

The zoning ordinance directs where certain distinct land uses may locate; i.e. including residential, industrial and commercial.

Primary Concerns

  • To preserve property values, prevent overcrowding, and health & safety issues.

  • Parking Regulation.

  • Landscaping.

  • Signage etc.

III. Building Codes

Codes adopted to provide safe construction/ reconstruction and occupancy of building in Ottawa.

Primary Concerns

  • To aid property owners in protecting their investments if an error by a contractor or lack of experience with a particular product occurs.

  • Getting the contractor to construct properly or do a job again if job is done incorrectly.

IV. Code Enforcement

The enforcement of regulations regarding nuisances and inappropriate weeds to ensure the community's well being.

Primary Concerns

By reducing the following nuisances the health, safety and welfare of the community increases.

  • Weeds and grass over 12"- which can allow for more animal activity, whether that is rodents or snakes.

  • Trash- odor, attracting animals, also rodent harborage, ultimately affecting the health of persons nearby.

  • Appliances- are considered an immediate threat to persons or animals as they can topple, discharge chemicals etc.

  • Inoperable Vehicles- often times means missing car parts, car parts strewn in the yard, cars stored off the ground with ramps, broken parts, etc., which can be harmful to children and adults alike.

  • Zoning violations- such as sign violations and animal violations.

  • Requiring property owners to mow, pick up and dispose of trash, legally store or repair their vehicles, etc.

V. Neighborhood Revitalization Act

Issues a property tax rebate as an incentive to make improvements to property within certain areas of the city.


To promote community improvement, development and rehabilitation so that the safety, public health, and welfare of the residents of the city may be enhanced.

When to use it

The revitalization act is used when exterior or interior improvements are made on personal property.

How to apply

In order to apply one must complete the following process:

  1. Review the NRA Map to determine whether the area you live in or area are constructing in is an eligible area that qualifies for the rebate.

  2. Obtain an NRA application.

  3. Complete the requirements of the application- ($25 fee is required at the time of the application).

  4. Submit the application for review and approval.


  • Signed by City, County & School Board in 1997

  • Revised 2001- renewal

  • Revised 2003- boundary lines were expanded.

  • Revised 2010- boundary lines were expanded and new criteria added.

VI. Homeowners

The following information pertains to homeowners and their interest.

Got Mold?

Planning and Zoning inspectors inspect your plans for remodiling. Inspectors are not qualified to inspect issues involving mold.

If you are having issues with mold in your home please visit the following website sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The site provides helpful tips on how to decrease mold

Thinking of remodeling?

Did you know that your remodeling aspirations could require a permit and inspection by the Community Development Department? Any time you wish to remodel or create additions to your home that affect the main structure of your home the City requires that you notify and comply with zoning and construction regulations.

  • To view our department's adopted and amended Building Codes visit the City Library. Should you have any questions concerning these codes please contact the City of Ottawa Community Development Department (785)-229-3620.

  • Inspection Procedures- If you wish to remodel your home or business schedule a preliminary inspection today by calling the Community Development Department at (785)-229-3620.

  • Important Contractor Information!!!- Prior to obtaining a permit please contact the department to see if you are required to obtain a contractor license to perform your remodeling task at: (785)-229-3620 To view available permits click on the following link: Permit Applications.

Incentives- The Neighborhood Revitalization Program issues a property tax rebate as an incentive to make improvements to property within certain areas of the city.

Need to file a complaint?

Noticed another neighbor's exclusive trash pile in their front yard, or any other hazordous property practices? File a complaint with the Community Development Department today.

To learn about what is to be a nuisance, how to file a complaint and what happens afterward click on the following link: File a Complaint

Receive a Public Notice about a nuisance?

If you have received a public notice about a nuisance CALL US at (785)-229-3620. The Community Development Department is here to help you problem solve any issues with code violation compliance you may be experiencing.

Stay Cool with Summer Pools

The following media presentation informs you of everything you need to know about pools (i.e. permits, safety tips etc.): Pools


The following brochure informs you of everything you need to know about building fences on your property: Fence Brochure

Garage Sales

The following brochure informs you of everything you need to know about abiding by City regulations when having a garage sale: Garage Sales

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City Hall • 101 S. Hickory Street • Ottawa, KS 66067 • Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm • 785.229.3600

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