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Building Codes & Construction Information

Contact Information:
Director of Community Development
Address: 101 S Hickory-2nd Floor, PO Box 60
Ottawa, KS 66067
Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8-5
(Wednesday office closed from 8:30 to 10 for Staff Meeting)
Phone: (785) 229-3620
Department Email:
Director Email:


The purpose of building codes is to provide for safe construction and reconstruction and to aid property owners in protecting their investment whether an error happens by contractor or, lack of experience with a particular product or construction activity.

Primary Concerns

  • Reduce the number of problems homeowners may have.

  • Protect the investment of the homeowner.

  • If a contractor proceeds and does the job incorrectly, we help to get the contractor to do it again and better.

  • click on: Roofer License Process

Adopted codes

The following is a list of the codes that the City of Ottawa has adopted. A copy of these codes and amendments are available at the Ottawa Public Library. Should you have any questions concerning these codes please contact the City of Ottawa Community Development Department.

  • International Residential One and Two Family Dwelling Code, 2012 Edition

  • International Building Code, 2012 Edition

  • International Energy Conservation Code, 2012 Edition

  • International Fuel Gas Code, 2012 Edition

  • International Mechanical Code, 2012 Edition

  • International Plumbing Code, 2012 Edition

  • International Fire Code, 2012 Edition

  • Private Sewage Disposal City Ordinance

  • International Property Maintenance Code, 2012 Edition

  • National Electrical Code, 2011 Edition

For local amendments to the adopted codes Click Here

Construction Board of Appeals

The Construction Board of Appeals is a seven member group that is appointed by the City Commission and the role of the Board is to hear appeals or requests for changes in the building codes. Meetings are called as needed.

The members are: David Wooge, Jason Dials, Rocky Evans, Daniel Schaefer, Marlin Porter, Donna Hines & Alan Wright.

Contractor Licensing

Licensing Ordinance

License Application

Credit Card Form

Permit Information

The following are the permits we offer. Each serves a different purpose. If you are unsure of which permit you need, please call our offices at (785)-229-3620. Homeowners: Prior to obtaining a permit please contact the department to see if you are required to obtain a contractor license.

Permit Applications

Building Permit

Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Worksheet


For more information on signs view Article 27 of the Zoning Regulations


Permit Fees

Credit Card Form

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